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Glen Allen and Short Pump are twin areas within Henrico just West or Richmond, VA. It is commonly called the "Westend." Homes for sale in this prestigious area offer a slice of community living right in the heart of Henrico County, where it's possible to get the best that Virginia has to offer. The Glen Allen and Short Pump areas have some of the highest ranking public schools in our nation

Glen Allen and Short Pump Real Estate: Small Town Living, Big Time Appeal

Glen Allen and Short Pump are located West of Richmond, VA. Although considered by many to be a suburb of its larger neighbor, Glen Allen is really its own small town. It has been ranked on CNN Money's "Top 100 Places to Live" on several occasions, noted primarily for its commitment to creating a verdant, welcoming atmosphere that puts safety, education and security high on its priority list.

With a vibrant downtown area and housing options that span from the center of the town throughout the surrounding area, Glen Allen and Short Pump offer a unique experience for just about every type of family. No matter where you turn, the focus is always on creating a beautiful natural backdrop without sacrificing any of the comforts or luxuries you've come to expect from the place you call home.

The housing options in Glen Allen and Short Pump are diverse. These areas have been recently developed over the last 20 years. New homes are located primarily in recent developments, with a focus on creating friendly neighborhoods that will grow with your family. Older homes are also widely available, ranging from historic buildings preserved throughout the centuries to more modern homes updated with luxury and comfort in mind.

Moving to Glen Allen/Short Pump Area

One of the reasons so many people find the Glen Allen and Short Pump area homes to be the perfect family retreat is the natural Virginia landscape. With the rolling hills once favored for agriculture serving as the backdrop to the city, the area is green and inviting for most of the year. Hiking and biking activities abound in the milder seasons, and community activities are often centered on making the most of the great outdoors.

For those who prefer the activities of neighboring Richmond, transportation and commuting are made easy thanks to Interstates 95, 64, 295 and 288. Because so many Glen Allen and Short Pump property owners work in Richmond, the town has worked hard to ensure that traffic moves along quickly and easily.

Getting around Henrico Country is also fairly easy, which is great for those who want to explore the surrounding landscape. Henrico County is noted for its historic preservation efforts and American Civil War sites, making it an entertaining and educational place regardless of your interests.

Of course, not everything about Glen Allen and Short Pump has to do with nature and getting away. The area is known for its dedication to culture. Homeowners can find much to do here without journeying into Richmond. The Cultural Arts Center hosts regular exhibits and performances, many of which are complemented by the Short Pump Town Center. This is a huge, beautiful mall where boutique shopping and fine dining round out the experience.

Learn More about Glen Allen and Short Pump Properties

If you're ready to discover for yourself just how wonderful homes for sale in Glen Allen and Short Pump can be, contact us today. We've been selling homes this area for over 40 years. With our experience, we know just how to find the home that you've been seeking.

We're excited to welcome you to this vibrant community, where the life you want and the life you can have are aligned with such wonderful precision.