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Home Inspection Information
How can I protect myself from buying a lemon?

Know what to look for during house inspection.

There is a combination of 9 things that can effectively help you from
buying a lemon.

The first is making sure you obtain a thorough house inspection by a qualified house inspector.
The second is to obtain long term coverage through an extended warranty plan such as the American Home Shield Warranty Program to protect you from down the road mechanical failures. Please contact us so we can send you additional information about this invaluable program. Or you can get additional information about this great program at the American Home Shield web site, (
The third is make absolutely sure there are no outstanding special assessments against your home by a homeowner’s association.
The fourth concern is will there be a generalized special assessment in the future for roofs, structural defects, heating and air conditioning replacements, window replacements, mold/mildew suppression, asbestos removal and polybeutelethelene or other plumbing pipe failures?
Meet your neighbors. They may be ogres! They also might be aware of problems the sellers are covering up that may not be apparent now.
Check the planning and zoning office in your city or county to make sure no new roads, shopping centers, etc. will surprise you in the future.
Check the sellers utility costs. Do you have public utilities or well and septic?
Are there any underground oil tanks that are subject to corrosion and leaking?
Is there asbestos in this home? The cost of removal is high. The future will be even worse!