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Realtors and Buyer's Agent
What are Seller’s, Listing and Selling Agents?

The Seller’s Agent markets the home to selling agents.
A “Seller’s Agent” is the agent who represents the seller in selling his house. The “Seller’s Agent” is the “Listing Agent” who puts the “For Sale Sign” in the front yard and advertises the home for sale.

Listing Agent, So that's the guy that puts the sign in the front yard
The "Listing Agent" is the agent who has the "For Sale" sign in the front yard of the home that is for sale. It is his job to market the property for sale. He has a fiduciary responsibility to represent the seller's best interest and to sell the property for as much as possible.

It's important that buyers, who do not have an agent, realize that the listing agent represents the seller. It is the listing agent's job to sell the specific house that is listed for as much money as possible!

If a buyer chooses to purchase a home directly from the listing agent, the buyer has no agent representation. In fact, on the face of the contract, the listing agent notifies the purchaser in writing that the listing agent represents the seller, not the buyer. Buyers have the right to counter this inequity by having an agent represent their interest in a real estate transaction. The agent that the purchaser selects to represent them is called a "Buyer's Agent."
Selling Agents represent purchasers!
The "Selling Agent" is the agent who is working with the "Purchaser". It is the "Selling Agent's" job to negotiate for the purchaser, to write the contract and to give it to the listing agent to be presented to the Seller.

A buyer can have an agent called a "Buyer's Agent" to represent him. The "Buyer's Agent" responsibilities include representing the buyer in a way to show the buyer all homes in the buyers price range that might appeal to them and not to try to sell any particular home. The "Buyer's Agent" can be neutral about the home's condition, value and neighborhood and is able to point out features that may impact the value of the home either positively or negatively rather than trying to sell a specific home.