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As the capital of Virginia, Richmond has much to offer residents. Richmond property is spread throughout the metropolitan center, ranging from spacious homes in family-friendly neighborhoods to luxury condos right in the middle of it all. Whether you're moving to the area for the first time or finding a new Richmond home to suit your lifestyle, there has never been a better time to make an investment in your future. Some Fortune 500 companies are proud to call the Richmond area home. They include Altria, CarMax, Inc., Dominion Resources, Inc., Genworth Financial, Inc., Performance Food Group Company and The Brink's Company.

Richmond VA Homes: Home and History

Richmond homes are spread throughout a number of neighborhoods, all of which boast their own unique style. Richmond and its surrounding counties have always been planned with residential comfort in mind, and many of the more popular housing areas are both easily accessible by roadways and secluded enough to give the appearance of being their own separate entities. This lends an overall feeling of community to wherever it is you choose to live, allowing you both the big city amenities and the comfort and safety of a Richmond VA home that prides itself on family first.

But no matter where you settle, Richmond real estate is rich with history and with promise. Many of the older neighborhoods boast historic homes, with ties to the earliest Colonial settlements as well as perfectly preserved examples of Victorian architecture and a wide array of other styles that traverse the centuries. Historic preservation is high, so you could find yourself with a updated Richmond home that has all the modern amenities you've come to expect as well as all the luxury of historic design and historic designation.

Living and Working in Richmond VA

A strong local economy and ties to many of the bustling metropolitan centers of the surrounding area make Richmond a great place for families and professionals alike. Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and many notable legal and financial institutions make their home here. When coupled with the booming tourist industry, Richmond property continues to hold its value and offers a great way to settle down.

The culture of Richmond is one that is rich with possibility. In addition to performing arts venues and theatres dating back through the 1920s, there is an incredible River District that offers unequaled options in dining, entertainment, and a vibrant local nightlife. Monument Avenue features a beautiful array of Victorian architecture, and there are a number of museums and preservation sites open year-round.

With a wonderful climate that offers seasonal beauty and a number of outdoor recreation opportunities, life in Richmond is also about enjoying the great outdoors. Hiking and biking trails wind along the James River, golf courses are tucked away in neighborhood country clubs and on the further outskirts of town. Richmond and its surrounding counties have always put an effort into preserving local parks and historical locations for everyone to enjoy. In fact, when you own a piece of Richmond real estate, you have access to one of the oldest park systems in the United States. From Monroe Park in the heart of the city to numerous parks along the James River, there are thousands of acres of public land for exploring and enjoyment.

Educational options at the public schools vary by neighborhood, though many of the local public options are nationally recognized for their academic prowess. The University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Union and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community Colleges are listed among several local colleges, providing education and professional advancement opportunities for residents of all ages. Virginia State University is also located just a short drive away in Ettrick, VA.

Richmond is also the home to Bellwood Supply Center. It is the military supply center that supplies our armed forces throughout the world. Just outside of Richmond is Fort Lee. It is the home to the Army Quartermaster Corps, U.S. Army Women's Museum, U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum and is the Combined Arms Support Command.

Purchasing Your New Richmond Home

If you're considering taking advantage of the great Richmond property prices and the benefits of living in this one-of-a-kind city, we welcome you to contact us today. No one knows the Richmond landscape as well as we do, and we'll make sure you find the Richmond neighborhood and the price range that suits you today and all of your tomorrows.