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About Bob Northern & Company

Our commitment to our Buyer Clients assures them that they will be able to find and buy the home of their dreams in the most efficient manner possible. Our pro-active sales approach often allows us to find and sell homes to our clients days before other agents even realize they're on the market! We also work with many Seller Clients who depend on us to sell their present home quickly. They look to us to sell their home at a fair price, to reduce their worry and strain and to protect their best interest! We tailor every marketing plan to fit the exact needs our sellers have to sell their home at the best price possible.

Our Realtors are consistently ranked among the best in town. We're so successful because we love our job, we're dedicated to our clients and all of our Realtors, no matter how long they've been in the real estate business, must face our intense weekly training program. Our weekly training program assures you that you and your Realtor will be totally up to date in a business that is changing daily. You can be confident to know that your Realtor is constantly kept up to date on market changes and they are constantly finding and utilizing new tools to serve you, our client better.

Another reason for Bob Northern and Company's success comes from the commitment and trust that our clients and we give each other. At the very beginning of your relationship with our company, you will sit down with your own personal Realtor. Your Realtor will teach you what to expect in the home buying or home selling process. One of the most important foundations of our success comes from the understanding and confidence that we instill in our clients. As an example we offer our buyer clients a free three-hour personal one on one meeting to explain the home buying process and to answer their initial questions in detail. This informal but extremely thorough presentation covers the 113 informative steps you should follow to best protect yourself when buying your new home.

We give our students a 132 page loose-leaf working notebook that has taken Bob Northern over 35 years to put together. There isn't a question you can ask about the real estate business that isn't covered in our book! Our presentation is so professional and so thorough that the Richmond Times Dispatch has been several newspaper articles written about it in their Sunday's Real Estate Section! We have sold hundreds of homes to students who were willing to invest 3 hours of their time to better learn how to buy their home through this free one evening seminar. Many times our students have been so impressed with our presentation that it is not unusual to get a standing ovation to show their appreciation for such an in depth well thought out presentation. What a compliment!

Our 113-step process is a proven road map designed to eliminate hidden surprises and to show you the way before you take the journey! It took Bob years to put this information together. It all started when he taught "How to Buy or Sell a House" classes to the general public as a public service offered by J. Sargeant Reynolds College for six years. During those six years, Bob met and taught hundreds of potential homebuyers. He developed this presentation based on the hundreds of questions and suggestions he received from his students. From them, he came to realize there was a big void in the real estate market. There were no Realtors in Richmond seriously trying to educate purchasers who were starving for information about the home buying process. The simple reason is most Realtors prefer to focus their attention on getting "listings" and representing sellers! Up until then, buyers had been totally overlooked!

It's true that we're not the largest real estate company in town. Don't be tricked in thinking that we're not among the best-trained and most experienced in town. In addition, we have state of the art real estate tools and computers at our fingertips second to no company in town! We can e-mail our buyer clients pictures of homes as soon as they come on the market. Our impressive Internet presence gives our sellers outstanding exposure and access to millions of buyers who are looking on the Internet to find their new home.

If you have any questions, please free to contact any one of our outstanding Realtors. We are looking forward to helping you.

Best wishes.Yours truly,
Bob Northern