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Chesterfield homes place you right in the middle of one of the most vibrant and welcoming counties along the East Coast. With a natural scenic background that is bolstered by both the James River and the Appomattox River, this area is one abounding with history, activity and vibrancy. When you own a piece of Chesterfield property, you and your family instantly become a part of this incredible county with all it has to offer.

Chesterfield Properties: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

As with most of the state, Chesterfield has a rich history. It experienced the arrival of some of the earliest English settlers, and it didn't take long for residents to set up homes, schools, and even small towns. The location between rivers and the farmland that made it ideal for the cultivation of seventeenth and eighteenth century crops brought further interest to the land, and much of the rural atmosphere exists in Chesterfield real estate even today.

Because Chesterfield played such an important role in agriculture and mining in its earliest forms, transportation was always a part of the development plans. To this end, railroads and turnpikes were formed with ease of use in mind. The same holds true even now, with many Chesterfield residents opting to commute to the larger city center of Richmond while still enjoying all their homes have to offer.

Today, Chesterfield homes remain as diverse as the landscape, with options ranging from family homes in comfortable neighborhoods to more stately historic homes that have been preserved for centuries. Much of the architecture of the area reflects the early Colonial settlements, and even the newer Chesterfield condos contain a bit of that old world feel.

There are more than 25 distinct communities within the county, each with its own vibrant feel and Chesterfield real estate options. Although the area is expected to grow over the next few years, the county does takes its welcoming atmosphere very seriously. New developments are always created with preservation and beauty in mind, so that everyone who owns a Chesterfield home feels like they own a part of the countryside.

Living in Chesterfield

Chesterfield has always ranked high among families thanks to a nationally-recognized public school system. The county has also placed among the Best Places to Live in America list put out by the American City Business Journals and the 100 Best Communities for Young People list put out by the America's Promise Alliance. The school system boasts the U.S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Award, and many families move to Chesterfield homes from Richmond in hopes of taking advantage of all the public system has to offer.

Because Chesterfield covers a large area of land, there are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy the natural scenery. In addition to private plots of land that extend over the hillsides, there are also local parks, walking trails, and even scenic outposts designed to restore the body and the spirit. The population here tends to be an active one, and it's not uncommon to encounter your neighbors on a stroll through one of the quaint town centers or shopping at a local farmer's market boasting fresh produce.

Moving to Chesterfield

Whether you work in one of the neighboring city centers or you are looking to slow down your pace of life for retirement, living and working in Chesterfield has never been a better idea. The roadways are well-maintained to make commuting easier than ever before, and the wide range of Chesterfield condos and houses for sale offer affordable real estate options for just about everyone.

To learn more about making Chesterfield the place you call home, contact us today. We're excited to introduce you to this one-of-a-kind county, where life and comfort come together in the most incredible way!