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What is the job of my Loan Officer?

Buying a house can be so easy if you pick the right one.

What is the job of my loan officer?
A really good loan officer will take the time to ask you questions to find out where you are financially.

Not everybody fits the same "cookie cutter" mold. Picking the right loan officer is incredibly important. They should be willing to take the time to find the best loan for you that fits your needs. Loans can be different based on the amount of down payment required, the number of years to be repaid, closing costs, points and fees to be paid. See our section of how to reduce your closing costs to see how you can save thousands of dollars in closing costs and prepaid items.

You will find many loan officers are willing to go out of their way to help you. If you feel the loan officer is being short with you, or is not taking the time to make things clear to you, change loan officers! We are glad to recommend some of the best to you.

A loan officer will give you a copy of a "Good Faith Estimate" which will show your down payment, loan amount, closing costs and house payment.

Loan officers that we unreservedly recommend:

Donna Paxton
Prime Lending
A Plains Capital Company

Rick Eaheart
Prospect Mortgage Corporation

5030 Sadler Place • Suite 101
Glen Allen, VA 23060

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