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Negotiating Your Contract
How can I be sure my contract is accepted when
multiple offers come in?

Here are some secrets to make sure my contact is selected
when multiple offers come in.

How can I be sure my contract is accepted when multiple offers come in?

There are several considerations you must address before your offer is accepted. Many people have the misconception that being the highest priced offer will assure its acceptance. The truth of the matter is that price is not always the most important. Concerns to "Sellers" that are even more important than price include:
The Possession Date. Do the "Sellers" need to be out immediately which requires them to tear their children out of school at an unwanted time? Do they want to close immediately because they are moving in two weeks?
Can the "Sellers" stay in the house while their new one is being built, even if it takes 6 months to build? This eliminates a second move and a possible disruption in the kid’s schools.
Are you going to be a stickler for repairs and request so many that the "Sellers" will not be willing to do them all?
How does the "Seller" know your loan pre-approval is legitimate and not subject to a lot of conditions in the future from a less than fully honest loan officer?
Find out what is the most important issue for the "Seller". Many times the answer will surprise you!
How can you show the "Seller" that if they accept your offer that their house will be sold without future interference?
If price is important to the "Seller" how can you pay the most while in a blind auction
without grossly overbidding?
There are ways to bid against other "Purchasers" and win! Even in a blind bidding situation. We have years of contract negotiations under our belts and we have learned the secrets that can nearly guarantee you that if you want the house we can get it for you at a price that is agreeable to you. We can't tell all of our secrets, but we promise our contract negotiating skills and the respect we have from our fellow Realtors who have the listings are second to none! Our reputation for being fair and aggressively representing our clients keeps us busy!