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Home Inspection Information
What is the job of the House Inspector?

How do I know I am getting a good job.

What is the job of my house inspector?

The main job of your house inspector is to conduct a thorough examination of your potential new home to determine if there are inherent defects within the structure or within it's heating, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems that may detrimentally affect the value of your investment.

A secondary function you should expect from your house inspector is an explanation of how to maintain your home by using preventative maintenance to lengthen the life of your home and it's components.

You should make a point to ask your inspector how does he proceed with his inspection. You should ask if you are welcome and if you can ask questions as the inspection progresses.

It is important that you understand you are the client of the house inspector. He works for you directly and should not be influenced by your Realtor, the seller or a good meaning relative.

The house inspector has one of the most important jobs in the entire process. Make sure you have the inspector show you his qualifications and how many homes he has inspected in his career. Also, be sure to ask the inspector if he has ever been sued because of a deficient house inspection.

Another interesting question to ask the inspector is what are they willing to do to compensate you if they miss an obvious deficiency in the house.