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Home Inspection Information
Questions about house inspectors and what they do.

Specific information on what to expect from your house inspector

Questions about house inspectors and what they do
Are they licensed?
No -- anyone can be a "House Inspector." All you need is a business license in the city or county you work in!

Since inspectors aren't licensed, how can the public protect themselves from unqualified and unscrupulous inspectors?
Look for nationally recognized inspection organizations such as A.S.H.I. (American Society of Home Inspectors). These inspectors have met strenuous requirements to be certified. Among the requirements is submitting 250 inspections they have previously performed.

What is the standard of their industry?
There are several fledgling organizations that "House Inspectors" can join in an attempt to show their commitment to their profession. Becoming a member of any of these organizations can only be obtained by a demonstrated amount of experience and an adherence to strict standards of practice. At the present time, A.S.H.I. seems to be one of the most prestigious and selective of these organizations

What is the best way to find a competent "House Inspector"?
Check the telephone book "Yellow Pages" under "Home Inspectors" and then the subheading "American Society of House Inspectors" to find some of the most qualified inspectors in town.
Our company has often used Ray McMurdy with Capitol Home Inspections, LLC. His telephone number is 1-804-639-1171. We always receive glowing reports of Ray's thoroughness and attention to detail.

A.S.H.I. – American Society of Home Inspectors
American Society of Home Inspectors
Post Office Box 95588 • Palatine, IL 60095-0588 • 1-403-244-4487 •

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) was formed in 1976 as a not-for-profit organization to build awareness of home inspection and to enhance the technical and professional performance of home inspectors. It is the oldest and most respected professional association of home inspectors in North America, representing its membership and the profession as a whole in areas of education, marketing and communications.

ASHI's standards of practice are the most widely accepted home inspection guidelines in use today. They include all of the home's major systems and components including the exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, interiors, insulation, heating, ventilation, central air conditioning (H.V.A.C.) and describe what the home inspector is required and not required to inspect. The ASHI standards are recognized by many authorities as the definitive standard for professional performance in the home inspection profession.

Home inspectors must enter the society as a candidate first. During their candidacy period, a minimum period of six months, they must pass ASHI's two membership exams and provide valid proof of performance of at least 250 fee paid home inspections that meet or exceed the ASHI standards of practice. Once these requirements are met and their application approved, candidates may become members of ASHI. Only individuals may become candidates and members, not companies or groups. Membership is not transferable.

If you choose to use the services of a "House Inspector," I strongly recommend Ray McMurdy of Capitol Home Inspections, LLC. He has personally handled many inspections for my previous customers. I have never received anything but compliments regarding his professionalism and thoroughness.
His office telephone number is 1-804-639-1171.
His cellular number is 1-804-615-7731.
Many inspectors advertise that they are ASHI candidates, or inspect to ASHI standards. Don't be fooled by their terminology. Are they ASHI certified or not?

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