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Bob Northern & Company – Buyer’s Service Guarantee

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The following is a copy of Bob Northern and Company Buyer Services Guarantee. It shows you the amount of service you should expect from your Realtor! Compare it to what other agents are willing to do to earn your business. They don't have a chance to compete with our experience and service. There is no comparison!

Bob Northern and Company, Realtors, Buyer Services Guarantee

Bob Northern and Company, Realtors, agrees to do the following:
If you would like to receive our award winning book explaining the process of purchasing a home in “How To Buy A Home.”

Please call us at 1-804-708-9463 or e-mail us at for a copy of our Book
We will furnish you a workbook explaining the home buying process in detail.
We will furnish to the Purchaser(s) Bob Northern’s office (804-708-9463), mobile (804-218-9280), and fax (804-708-9467) telephone numbers so you can reach him at any time.
We will respond quickly to any questions you may have.
We will e-mail to you a current list of homes for sale through Richmond Multiple Listing Service in the geographical area(s) and price range that you request. This information is to include pictures (if available) and written information describing the home(s).
We are happy to update you by e-mail, seven days a week, new listings that come on the market that fit your description.
When an interesting home comes on the market and you’d like to see it, we’d be glad to show it to you just as soon as it’s possible! Please give us sufficient notice to arrange the appointment. Most of the time, we can show you the house the same day you call us!
We work with some of the best loan officers in town. We’d love to recommend them to you. They will advise and help you choose the best loan program for your specific needs from the multitude of financing options.
We are able to help you become pre-approved to enhance your chances to have your offer accepted when it is presented
We’re glad to consult with you regarding the selection of your new home. Our years of sales and construction experience are invaluable!
We want to give you sample copies of the contract and forms that will be needed to buy your home, prior to the time of signing, for you to review with your family or attorney to assure your confidence that what you are doing is correct.
We’re the best when it comes to negotiating offers, counteroffers and contracts with other Realtors and/or sellers to protect your interest and to get the best deal possible for you and your family.
We will use our experience to assist you in obtaining a non-contingent loan approval and to make sure you get the best loan terms and interest rate possible.