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Bob Northern & Company – Buyer’s Service Guarantee

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The following is a copy of Bob Northern and Company Buyer Services Guarantee. It shows you the amount of service you should expect from your Realtor! Compare it to what other agents are willing to do to earn your business. They don't have a chance to compete with our experience and service. There is no comparison!

Bob Northern and Company, Realtors, Buyer Services Guarantee (continued)

Bob Northern and Company, Realtors, agrees to do the following:
IWe can assist you in selling your present home and/or assisting you to obtain interim housing if needed.
House Inspections are critical to making the right choice of which house to buy. We consider it an important part of our job to recommend a qualified house inspector, if requested, and to arrange the inspection appointment and/or entrance into the property as needed.
We’re really good about negotiating to get necessary repairs completed by the “Seller” per the whole house inspection addendum or to obtain a credit in lieu of repairs being done.
We’re one of the few real estate firms in town who has court-qualified experts who can meet with you and potential builders regarding all phases of new construction if you choose to build a new home. Our new home construction consultation includes site selection, house placement on the property, reviewing and explaining plans and specifications, contract and building material negotiations, draw schedules and whatever meetings are required to facilitate the construction process.
We want to make sure everyone involved in your home purchase keeps informed. We’re glad to forward your contract to your attorney and lender as needed with the appropriate instructions to facilitate an easy closing.
We will arrange and accompany you to a preclosing inspection of your new home to make sure you are satisfied that the home is in good condition and everything has been left that was included in the contract.
We’re one of the few Realtors in town who attend the closing with our buyers to make sure there are no last minute surprises!
We promise to give you excellent service and advice during your home buying process.
We will represent you in a professional, competent manner and to protect the confidentiality of any information you supply us.
The real estate commission is to be paid by the Seller in the sales price of the house. In no instance will the Buyer be liable to Bob Northern and Company, Realtors for the real estate commission.