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What are the different levels of expertise of people who sell real estate?

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What are the different levels of expertise of people who sell real estate?
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What is a "Real Estate Salesman"?
A "Real Estate Salesman" is a person licensed by the "Professional and Occupational Department" of the State of Virginia. The applicant must take and pass basic prerequisite courses to be eligible to sit for the Virginia Real Estate Salesman's Test. The salesman also has to pass a criminal background check to be qualified for licensure. Once the salesman passes the written test by the State of Virginia to become a "Real Estate Salesman", he is licensed to sell homes and land in Virginia. The salesman's license must be held by a "Real Estate Broker" who supervises the salesman.
What is a "Real Estate Broker"?
A "Real Estate Broker" has higher educational and experience requirements than a "Real Estate Salesman". In order to become a "Real Estate Broker", an applicant must have been gainfully employed as a real estate salesman for at least 36 of the preceding 42 months. An applicant to become a "Real Estate Broker" must take and pass additional courses as a prerequisite to sitting for the "Real Estate Broker's" exam. This exam is longer and more stringent than the salesman's exam. A real estate broker can choose to work as the "Head Broker" and have his own company, or he can choose to work for another real estate broker as an "Associate Broker".
What is a "Realtor"?
A "Realtor" can be either a real estate salesman or real estate broker. In addition to observing the laws of their state, Realtors subscribe to a self imposed code of ethics through their Local, State and National Association of Realtors, which is a higher standard of conduct than the state law.
What is a "GRI"?
A "G.R.I." is a "Graduate of the Realtor's Institute".

Receipt of the "G.R.I." Designation is generally considered the first step of advanced learning through the Association of Realtors. G.R.I. education is presented to Realtors by the Local and State Associations of Realtors. There are different "Modules" covered to increase the agents knowledge about marketing, ethics, laws, construction, business management etc.

What is a "C.R.S."?
A "C.R.S." Designation means Certified Residential Specialist.

This designation denotes that an agent has been in the real estate business for at least two years and has sold at least 80 homes. Only 2% of all agents nationally have received this certification of achievement.

What is a C.R.B.?
A "C.R.B." means Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager.

This designation denotes that the agent has managed a real estate office in the capacity of a real estate broker for a minimum of five years. Generally C.R.B.'s are the most experienced agents in the real estate business.

What is an “A.B.R.”?
The Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation is awarded to real estate practitioners by the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council ("REBAC") of the National Association of REALTORS
What is a “Realtor Emeritus”?
A Realtor Emeritus is one of the highest honors given by the National Association of Realtors. A Realtor Emeritus is a time tested real estate professional who has adhered to the highest ethics and disciplines of the real estate profession and has a minimum of 40 years of experience.