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Negotiating Your Contract
How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my new home?

Follow this list of time proven steps.

How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my home?
  The best way to avoid common mistakes when buying your new home is to pick people you can trust and whose advice you will heed.

These professionals include a Realtor, Loan Officer, House Inspector and Closing Attorney.

If you blend these four experts into your home buying experience while following these basic steps you will have an unbeatable system to assure your home buying success.
Select your house inspector and set up your appointment to inspect your new home.
Meet your house inspector at your new home.
You should expect your house inspector to give you a page by page inspection report of all systems of your new home at the completion of the 2-4 hour inspection.
Review your house inspection report with Bob Northern to determine which defective items you want to have corrected by the seller.
Sign a “House Inspection Request For Repairs Addendum”.
Agree to house inspection addendum with seller or terminate contract.
You should call your lender and tell them you have found your new home and the house inspection has been completed to your satisfaction.
You need to pay your lender for the appraisal on your new home. You don’t want to pay for the appraisal on your new home until after you are satisfied with the house inspection. Many times severe problems are uncovered that the seller is not willing to fix. You don’t want to pay for an appraisal on a house you’re not going to buy!
Bob Northern will forward to your lender your contract to purchase your new home, the contract information sheet and all pertinent addenda, etc.
If your contract to purchase your new home includes an extended warranty coverage from American Home Shield or similar insurer, your new home will be enrolled into the warranty program at this point.
Contact your moving company and lock in a moving date.
Give your loan officer any additional documentation they request promptly.
House is appraised for the contract price. If not, renegotiate the contract.
Your loan is approved. Are there any conditions?
Clear any conditions of your loan approval.
Unconditional loan approval is received.