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Realtors and Buyer's Agent
Why do you need a Buyer's Agent?

The listing agent represents the seller to obtain the best deal for the seller!

Why do you need your own buyer's agent?
Your own agent will be neutral about any specific home you are considering.
The agent is able to point out negative and positive points about each home that you might overlook
Don't let the excitement of buying your own home blind you to the advantage of having a seasoned expert help you. We can to keep you from making mistakes that can haunt you for years to come!
The listing agent who is offering the home for sale works for the seller. It's his job to sell the home for as much money as possible and to protect the seller's best interest. Not yours!
Are you tired of getting information late? Television and magazines are often a week to ten days out of date before they ever hit the market! If you are looking in the newspaper, it takes from 1 to 3 days to get the information into print.
We can send you information immediately when it comes on the market. This includes our listings as well as the listings of every other Realtor in town who belongs to Multiple Listing Service.
We can arrange an appointment immediately for you to see any home listed by any company that appeals to you.
If you prefer, you can ride by the homes we send you so you can see them before you call for an appointment to go inside!
There is no charge to you for our Buyer's Agent Services. The sellers pay our commission! Even if you buy a For Sale By Owner you aren't obligated to us for a commission like other companies charge!
We can tell you how long the present owner has lived in the home and how much he paid for it!
We can be objective about the home and neighborhood. We are not trying to sell one particular home.
We can give you expert advice about what to look for to avoid expensive maintenance mistakes and hidden catastrophic problems.
We offer experts in the legal field, mortgages and home inspection services that have decades of experience!
Bob Northern has qualified in Circuit Court as a real estate and construction expert.
Enjoy the benefit of 35 years of experience and over 2000 home sales personally handled by Bob Northern. His reputation and experience is second to none