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Realtors and Buyer's Agent
Can a Buyer's Agent save me thousands of dollars?

A Buyer's Agent will help you get the best deal possible.

Can a "Buyer's Agent" save me thousands of dollars off the price of
my new home?

In today’s volatile market a Buyer’s Agent may be able to save you thousands of dollars! Many sellers are forced to discount their homes substantially to compete with other sellers who are offering their homes for sale as “a short sale” to avoid a foreclosure. There are many bank owned “REO’s” on the market which are also dramatically impacting property values. “REO” is Real Estate Owned by banks due to foreclosures.

Make sure you pick an agent who is experienced in short sales and REO’s to give you a better idea of what sellers absolute bottom lines may be.

Due to these reasons and the extremely low fixed rate loans that are available, we may not see such a strong home buyer’s market anytime soon!