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Realtors and Buyer's Agent
The downside to having a Buyer's Agent

Don't over commit to an Agent too soon.

What is the down side to having a "Buyer's Agent"?
You can obligate yourself to pay a licensee a real estate commission if you purchase a "For Sale By Owner" commonly referred to as a "FSBO" or "FIZZBO" by agents. Bob Northern and Company, Realtors, waives this potential problem in writing with the buyers they work with.
You can lock yourself in to a long period of time with an agent that is not actively working for you.
Unless you have a Buyer-Broker agreement with an agent, by law, the agent represents the seller as a sub-agent of the listing agreement during any negotiations with the purchaser.
When you hire an agent to represent you, you are hiring the real estate company, not the agent himself.
Most agents are not in the position to make the ultimate decision. Generally speaking only the agent's broker has the authority to make final decisions.
Do not accept verbal promises without them being backed up in writing!
If you hire a large company to represent you, you have a much greater chance of the company representing both parties in the transaction!
Do you want your Realtor's company to represent both you and the seller you are buying from?
Do you think they can represent both sides equally without betraying your confidentially?