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How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my new home?

Follow our 64-Step process to make sure you do it right the first time.

How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my home?

The best way to avoid common mistakes when buying your new home is to pick people you can trust and whose advice you will heed.

These professionals include a Realtor, Loan Officer, House Inspector and Closing Attorney.

If you blend these four experts into your home buying experience while following these basic steps you will have an unbeatable system to assure your home buying success.

Take a class, read articles, browse the Internet, and ask friends about their experiences in order to be more knowledgeable about how to buy a home.
Take a three-hour Monday evening seminar about how to buy a house. For additional information please call Bob Northern at 1-804-708-9463 or e-mail him at
Be honest with yourself about your credit, income, commuting time available, needs and wants. Don’t let your eyes bite off more than you can afford!
Choose a competent “Buyer’s Agent” to represent you in finding your new home. They are a great resource to find new listings and they are trained to give you excellent advice about your real estate needs. The seller pays their fee. This service cost you, the buyer, nothing.
Get pre-approved before you start your home-buying search! Know the huge difference between being Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved!
Know how and where to find the best financing programs to fit your particular needs.
Avoid loan sharks by knowing why are some lender’s rates in the newspaper so much lower than their competitors.
Know what information you will need for loan pre-approval.
Review the papers you expect to sign before the time you get serious about signing your offer.
Do I need to sell my present home before I buy a new home? What are my options?
Reduce your “geographical search area” to a general area you want to live in based on a M.L.S./newspaper zone map.
Let us know the general price range, minimum bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. you and your family need.
Bob Northern and Company, Realtors will e-mail you a long list of pictures and information of all homes currently listed in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in your geographic area and price range. In addition to that, we will update the list daily as new homes come on the market that meet your description!
Pick out the homes that appeal to you from the information we send you.
Review the homes we send you in the privacy of your own home. Click on the “MLS Number” and “Address” to receive a more detailed printout of the property.
Map these homes on your computer, or on a map, to most efficiently plan your trip.