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How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my new home?

Follow our 64-Step process to make sure you do it right the first time.

How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my home?

The best way to avoid common mistakes when buying your new home is to pick people you can trust and whose advice you will heed.

These professionals include a Realtor, Loan Officer, House Inspector and Closing Attorney.

If you blend these four experts into your home buying experience while following these basic steps you will have an unbeatable system to assure your home buying success.

Ride by the houses that appeal to you
Feel free to take spontaneous notes on your likes and dislikes on the detailed MLS printout!
Look at the neighborhood in general. Do I like this neighborhood enough that I would consider
living here?
Look at a variety of neighborhoods in your “general area”. Which one(s) do you prefer?
Select specific homes you like best and whose interiors you would like to see. Make a note of the house’s M.L.S. number for future reference. Double-check the number!
Call us at 1-804-708-9463 or email us at with the M.L.S. numbers of the homes you would like to see and the time(s) you are available.
The purpose of our initial trip is to eliminate all but two or three houses that you like enough that you would consider purchasing.
We will return to the house(s) you like for a second or third time if necessary for a thorough re-inspection process.
Decide which house you want to buy.
Write an offer to buy the home.
You will receive copies of everything you sign.
Write your good faith deposit check (earnest money deposit) to Bob Northern & Company, Realtors.
Once your offer is accepted it becomes a “Contract”.
We will give you copies of the contract, contract information sheet and addenda with the sellers signature(s).
Your earnest money deposit check is deposited into a non-interest bearing escrow account.
If your home is located in a neighborhood that has a “Homeowners Association”, Virginia State Law requires that the seller give you a copy of the “Homeowners Association” restrictive covenants, annual operating budget, special assessments and other information. In some neighborhoods you have 72 hours once you receive the “Homeowners Property Association Package” to either void the contract or to agree to the association package restrictions and sign the appropriate addendum that you accept them. You can contact us, or the Virginia Real Estate Board to receive information regarding the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act. We can send you a brochure that has been provided to us by the Virginia Real Estate Board about the statues, which are enumerated in Title 55, Chapter 26 of the Code of Virginia.