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How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my new home?

Follow our 64-Step process to make sure you do it right the first time.

How can I avoid common mistakes when buying my home?

The best way to avoid common mistakes when buying your new home is to pick people you can trust and whose advice you will heed.

These professionals include a Realtor, Loan Officer, House Inspector and Closing Attorney.

If you blend these four experts into your home buying experience while following these basic steps you will have an unbeatable system to assure your home buying success.

Contact your insurance agent to obtain insurance.
Reconfirm moving date with moving company. Send out your mail notifications.
Transfer your new home’s account to your name on the same date the seller takes it out of his name. Make sure to tell the utility company not to disconnect the service.
Contact your old utility companies to close out your present accounts.
Liquidate any assets such as a certificate of deposit or stocks to obtain the cash you need to close.
Call your attorney’s office, Karen Peterson at 285-7000, to schedule an appointment to close.
Meet Bob Northern at your new home for your pre-closing walk-thru inspection.
Find out the exact dollar amount you will need to close from your attorney’s office.
If you want to read the closing documents prior to closing, please advise your attorney so enough time can be allotted.
Meet your attorney and Bob at your attorney’s office for your closing.
You will receive copies of all closing documents involved.
You will receive your first month’s payment coupon at closing from your lender.
You will receive your title policy in the mail about 1 month after closing.
Place all of your closing documents/deed/survey in a safe deposit box for storage.
Rekey your home. Who knows who has keys to your home?!
You can find your property corners by looking for “flags” on a temporary post.